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Governors Impact Statement

Governors impact statement 2016-17

In the academic year 2016-17, the Governors of Liss Junior have taken the opportunity to consider the structure of the senior leadership and to determine the best approach to meet the specific challenges this School faces.

We were very pleased to be able to appoint an experienced Head, at a time when other schools report difficulties recruiting experienced senior staff and Mrs Myers duly joined the school in September 2016.  

Working with Mrs Myers, a new Assistant Head was appointed and the support team was re-structured with both of these important changes confirming the governors’ commitment to delivering strong leadership at the school and our determination to secure ongoing improvement.

One of the key areas of focus for the Governors this year has been monitoring the school Improvement plan as we begin our journey back to being a ‘Good’ school following the Ofsted Inspection and consequently the number of monitoring visits by the Governors has significantly increased this year. This has been actively facilitated and controlled using a new Governors monitoring plan which has worked really well.

The Governors have been working with the Head and other senior staff to fully understand the Hampshire Assessment model which the school has started to use for the first time which has enabled more accurate assessment data to be used to closely track each child’s progress.

As the year has progressed, we have worked with the Head to further embed the single age group classes, to change the physical layout of the school, including the introduction of learning walls, to further embed the new curriculum and fostering closer relationships with Liss Infant School which will further improve transition arrangements from Year 2 to Year 3.

The Resourced Provision continues to flourish under the leadership of the new Assistant Head who now runs both the Resourced Provision and also manages all of the school’s special needs education.  Due to the popularity of the Unit, HCC have requested us to take an additional child in each of the last two years meaning that we now have 12 children in the RP. This ensures that children with particular needs locally can remain close to their families, and friends, developing within mainstream education and prepared for next steps within the context of their community.

Financially, the governors have set and then closely monitored a balanced budget whilst ensuring that the School continues to deliver the commitments whilst still maintaining a surplus budget position. This is always difficult but we worked with the leadership team to decide the key spending priorities – one of those being making some money available to introduce a new IT suite. This facilitated a change of IT provider and two of our Governors were heavily involved in this process.

The outcome of the KeyStage 2 tests held in May were much improved which was good news

As always we are grateful to the PTA for their fundraising and their contribution to some of the extras that the budget cannot cover as well as the parents group for their fund raising activities for the new active panels – a massive thank you to both groups!

We had a new Chair of Governors on 1 January, with Mr Ball taking over from Mrs Pritchard and may thanks go to her for all of her hard work and commitment which serving on the Governing body.

We had a full complement of governors for the academic year with two new parent governors joining us and they have settled in very well and we also took the opportunity to revise our structure.